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The Half Moon property, which includes Rose Hall Villas, is spread across 400 acres of grounds that were once part of a sugar plantation. The grounds have many unique and special features, such as its abundant and lush gardens and varied wildlife.

Head over to the resort, where you will appreciate the gardens that have been meticulously cared for over the past 60 years.

Stroll along the pathways of Bougainvillaea, Oleander, and Poinciana. Look up at the majestic Washingtonian Palms that can grow up to 75 feet.

Explore the natural oasis of the Fern Tree Spa or visit the Half Moon chefs’ garden, where you’ll find lemongrass, basil, and other herbs.

It is the wildlife that sets Half Moon and Rose Hall Villas apart, particularly the turtles that return year after year to lay their eggs. Each year, we record more than 20 nests on our beaches and release over 2,000 baby turtles into the sea.

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"Are you the Turtle Lady?" Guests fondly ask Trudy, Half Moon's environmental coordinator, when meeting her for the first time. Trudy happily owns the title as she is responsible for increasing the number of successful turtle releases into the sea. A fan of Animal Planet as a child, Trudy has always loved learning about wildlife. Today, she is committed to environmental conservation and sharing Half Moon's green practices with our guests.

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